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I have always had a love for biology. I studied zoology at university and went on to do marine & freshwater biology in Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia for 9 years. 

On returning to the UK I changed direction slightly and joined the ambulance service, unfortunately with cuts and a move to the south west I left.

However I knew I liked working with people and helping people to get better. 

As I've got older and my body is not responding the same as it used to, I have developed a fascination with how the body works and how important the connective tissue is to mobility and a general health and functionality. 

When I was looking for something that could incorporate working with people and studying the body, I was inspired by a family member who had an incredible result with Bowen treatment. How and why it worked wasn't clear and so I started to study Bowen and that fascination with the how's and why's is only growing. The results I'm seeing with Bowen treatments only confirms that this is an amazing technique in which to practice.

I first certified as a practitioner of the Bowen Technique from the College of Bowen Studies in 2017 and then Foundation Training in Santa Barbara in 2018.

I also joined the College of Bowen Studies as a tutor in 2019. So its been steep learning curve in the last few years.


My happy place. 

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