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What is

Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits.

Through a series of body-weight exercises, Foundation Training activates your posterior muscle chain, anchors the hips, decompresses the spine, and teaches you to take the burden of supporting the body out of your joints and put it where it belongs; in your muscles.

No matter your age or your fitness level, Foundation Training puts you on the path to wellness.


About Foundation Training 

Dr Eric Goodman had chronic back pain at the age of 26 and an MRI showed substantial degeneration of the fourth & fifth lumbar vertebrae and of the sacrum. He was recommended fusion surgery.

In order to avoid surgery and heal himself he came up with Foundation Training, a series of exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles around the spine, and to get him moving correctly the way our bodies were designed to move.

Over 10 years later he is fit & actively doing all the pursuits he wants with no pain and no surgery.

"True to Form" by Dr Eric Goodman, 2016.

How I found Foundation Training

Both my brother and my Mum have had back pain and while listening to the Podcast 'Liberated Body' I heard Dr Goodman's story.

After my Mum & brother watched his YouTube video's and read his book, both of them felt an easing in their back pain almost immediately. This was definitely worth looking into and I flew to California to attend their Instructors Course.

There the rounding of my shoulders I had noticed from working at the table disappeared in just 4 days and I was feeling the best I've felt in the last few years. 

To have the ability to help myself move the best way I can is a powerful ability and to be able to pass on that knowledge and help people move pain-free and well is such a privilege.

Join my Foundation Training

New classes starting at Soulands Studio, as well as my regular online Zoom classes, which include private

One-on-One sessions.



(£25.00 for 30mins, or £195 for 5 hours)


Soulands Studio Class £11.00

Online Zoom Class £11.00

£75 for a block of 10 classes (6 month expiry)

£45 for a block of 5 classes (6 month expiry)

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Mondays 9.00pm

Wednesday 8.45pm

Tuesday to Friday 9.30am

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Monday 7.30pm​

Thursday 9.30am

These are at Soulands Studio, nr Dacre, Penrith

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