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What Folks Are Saying About My Treatments

Bowen therapy was something I'd heard about, but didn't really know what it was when I tried it for the first time. It was by good fortune that I met Kate at a cycling sportive and she gave me a taster for the arthritis in my knee.  I was interested then and had several sessions for different reasons and found it to be very relaxing and to have good results. The most dramatic was following a cycling accident when I had a serious break in my wrist.  Kate was very gentle, and really listened to me when I described the symptoms of pain and worked directly on those areas.  I had weekly sessions throughout my recovery and the reduction in pain was noticeable after my sessions.  Following that, I had a couple of MOT sessions.  This was because I enjoyed the experience so much and really felt that it benefitted me. I think one of the other reasons I go to Kate is because she is such a genuinely lovely person.
My partner started having Bowen too.  He isn't really into alternative therapies, but absolutely loved Bowen.  Kate was able to treat me and him in the same session due to the breaks in between therapy where she leaves you for a short moment in time for the body and connective tissue to adjust before doing another rolling move.
We will definitely be coming for more sessions and recommend it whether you're in pain or not.

Karen Wolff

December 2017

My body seems to tell me when I am due for my monthly treatment from Kate. My damaged shoulder is certainly freer after Bowen and enables me to do the physio exercises more effectively.

Marion Martin 

Aged 85, Jan 2018

Very skeptical at first but almost immediately felt a relief. The next week after 4 years of pain I just felt an ache - I walked taller and felt more rested - slept better & for the first time in years I actually blew my nose!!!

Total Convert.

Inge Street

Jan 2018

“I have had three sessions with Kate and it was a very calming, gentle and rewarding experience not only physically but did help my mental state of being also. I felt generally more invigorated and would recommend anyone and everyone to receive the beneficial support and general well-being of the effects and positive results of her treatment.”

Neil Stewart

Dec 2017

Kate is a warm and caring person, the treatment is carried out in a professional manner. For me it improved my balance, flexibility and mobility.

B. Sparham (Mr)

Aged 77

Jan 2018

My feet & ankles felt as if I had tight elastic socks on in bed at right after my radio therapy (Aug 97). After treatment with Kate they are back to normal. The arthritis in my hands has also been improved.

Janet Morgan

Dec 2017

“I felt amazing afterwards and only had a ten minute session. I've booked a full session before Dartmoor Classic.”

Louise Wakeham

July 2017

“I have had Bowen therapy in the past and found it to be very effective both for specific issues and general well being. Kate has also recently helped my daughter with joint pain due to a rapid growth spurt - I would thoroughly recommend Kate and wish her well with her new business.”

Sally Cooksey

Aug 2017

“I'm a close friend of Kate's. We know each other through cycling. Until Kate started her training, I knew very little about Bowen treatment but was more than happy to help a friend out as a guinea pig. I do a lot of cycling to help clear my lungs and it does take it's toll on me physically. Kate has helped me specifically with opening up my chest and lungs and airways as well as nurturing my cervical and lumbar spine which are existing trouble spots. Top job Kate and Best of Luck with your new venture.”

Tams Mole

June 2017


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